The artificial reproduction technology has undergone a long time of development. Various signals and evidence have brought us to a new era where asexual reproduction, in vitro fertilization and genetic modification (GM) technology are no longer wild dreams.

It is foreseeable that scientists will someday make a zygote out of an ordinary cell (say, a skin cell), and culture it in an artificial womb from which a new life will be born. Giving birth to a new life will hence become easier and faster than ever.

If human beings do break this law of nature, the future of whole society will be redirected.

The project imagines a future in which biotechnology is advancing rapidly, with genetically modified (GM) and artificial wombs being abused, and the underlying ethical and moral boundaries. Gene-edited pets, which allow animals to establish a "blood relationship" with their owners, combined with the widespread use of artificial wombs, could change people's values towards life, and even cause other social problems.

Design Concept


By 2120, in vitro zygotes and artificial incubation will replace natural reproduction as the most used way of human (or animal) reproduction. By simply extract some cells from one’s skin and convert them into stem embryo cells which will further evolve into sperms and eggs, a zygote can be acquired. The zygote will be implanted into an artificial womb, and gradually develop into a baby.

The blood and emotional connection between people are getting weaker. Most of the people will then choose not to raise children, but raise pets instead, resulting in a new trend of pets. Since GM technology is expected to provide people with more options, people can even choose hybrid species, or synthesize animals’ behaviour with humans’ interests. Some pet companies may exist to provide such services.


Gender is a human attribute that concerns breeding, making it also an invisible burden. If there could be something to replace human’s and animals’ burdensome procedure of conception, the world would have operated in a completely different way.


We are eager to get rid of labels and stereotypes just because of our gender, and the tasks imposed by society. In the future, it is possible to solve all of these.


Company Profile
Meteorite is the name of a happy biology customization factory. It provides you a brand new pet-raising experience using top-notch stem cell asexual reproduction technology and in vitro fertilization on animal embryos. Our ordered service includes the zygote of your pet, all the necessary equipment and attachments. Your pet will be raised in a transparent incubator for you to observe its growth. Moreover, you can say to us what kind of pet you expect, and our optimization service will make it possible with our due effort.

Company Service

1.    Sign up with Meteorite’s official website, fill in your personal information, and then order your preferred private service.
2.    Come to the Meteorite office or order door-to-door consultation, provide necessary information, sign the contract and consent to cell extraction.
3.    Produce the pet embryo. A customer should wait for about four weeks before the company deliver the package that includes the embryo, the incubator, and other cultivation equipment.
4.    After the pet is born, there is an optional recycle plan that allows you to send the equipment back to Meteorite for money refund. See our website for more information about the recycle plan.